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HTH Worldwide's products are designed to protect those traveling for study, work or leisure from the risk of illness in a foreign location.

All HTH products feature membership in the HTH TravelersClub(sm), the first global healthcare travel club, created to help world citizens travel with the confidence that their healthcare needs will be met. TravelersClub members enjoy

International Student Health Insurance Products

The mission of HTH Worldwide Insurance Services is clear: to provide the international education community with the highest quality health insurance programs and services. At HTH Worldwide we are dedicated to offering our customers world-class services, including state-of-the-art web-based tools and databases. From our community of elite healthcare providers to attentive member service and responsive account management, every aspect of our program has been designed to meet the highest expectations for quality and service.

HTH OneSource. The solution for both your domestic and international students' health insurance needs.


We encourage the development of mandatory insurance plans at colleges and universities to ensure that all students are protected against the financial hardship of high medical costs. We offer several comprehensive plans to meet these needs:

HealthCare plans

HealthChoice plans

HealthSelect Overseas plans

Customizable plans are also available based on any of the above plans.


We also feature several of the most recognized voluntary insurance products in the market for students, scholars and anyone involved in the pursuit of international education. These plans are available online at www.hthstudents.com.

Preferred Health Plan - $250,000 limit, comprehensive coverage.

Healthcare Advantage - $250,000 limit, limited coverage at a lower price.

U.S. Study Abroad Health Plan - specially designed for Americans studying overseas.

Travel Insurance Products

For maximum health & accident coverage while away from home, consider TravelGap Multi-Trip (for frequent travelers, domestic and international) or TravelGap Vacationer (for international travelers). HTH's comprehensive TripProtector and Trip Protector Preferred plans include trip cancellation & evacuation coverage in additional to health and accident protection. For plan details, see www.hthtravelinsurance.com.